The Scat Occasionally! [Episode 2]


The Scat Occasionally!

I am baaaaaaack!

Hi Folks – well it really is quite something running your own WP and FB series, whoever would have thunk it possible, that little ol’ me would be doing such a thing?! Certainly not l admittedly! It’s like wow, awesome, cool and gribbles all rolled together in a big wrap of excitement for me! So many topics to cover, so many stories and adventures and explores and all sorts, l get all a trembles just thinking about it!

What? What’s a gribble? I thought everyone knew that!! It’s a small marine crustacean of course – like duh … hello?

The other day, Friday l was in the vets … sadly to have my glands done, because Dad and Mummy said my bottom was smelly! I didn’t smell it per se, but you see, l am different, l am not as fussed as they are about smells in the house. It’s my perfume that’s all, so where is the problem with having some perfume on?? I know right?

It takes me to another issue that l will cover in the next few days, but it’s my ‘doggy’ smell, that l work so hard to achieve – a girl has got to do her bit to look right and to smell right and that’s what l work at achieving, the right scent! Just some don’t appreciate it as much as l do. There are sometimes some very lovely smells in our garden – and some of them are left by Mrs Fox an occasional visitor to our grounds!

Dad calls it ‘scat’, and l am like ‘scat?’ isn’t that like telling someone to go away? He tells Mummy not to let me roll in it, because l [like he forgets my name conveniently at times!!] will stink of fox scat! He just doesn’t get it, and sadly neither does Mummy! I don’t like finding fault with Mummy, but on occasion like ‘the scat occasion’, she and l don’t see eye to eye – well actually we can’t really see eye to eye on account of her being so much bigger than me, but you know what l mean? Yes?

They cannot see just how divine it is – it’s this glorious incredibly sensual musky presence that lingers whenever you roll and push yourself against it! I think Mrs Fox leaves it for me deliberately, because she knows how much l adore it!

So not only, do they take away my gland smell, but my ‘scat occasionally’ perfume and when it is Bath time, they then take away every other thing that makes me – ME!!

However l get my own back, as l did this last Friday in the vets.

Dad is never called ‘lovely, beautiful, pretty, adorable, cute and sweet’ by other two leggeds – no, only l am! I sit there between his legs patiently awaiting my turn to see my ‘male’ vet [who also happens to think l am lovely] whilst at times there is absolute pandemonium going on around me, with dogs barking, yapping, yelping, cats hissing and ‘piffling’ or whatever that thing they do is and l am calm and sedate and two leggeds bend down and remark ‘Oh how lovely she is, she is adorable, what is she?’

Dad then tells them that l am an Australian sheepdog cross with a Staffordshire, and that l am nearly 14 and l am ‘a good ol’ bird!’ [he must be going blind if he cannot see that l am a dog or to be correct a bitch, but a pretty one at that!]

Oh no, so, l sit there all pretty batting my eyelashes and smiling, and looking truly striking, a fine figure of a lady who just has attractiveness ooze out of her every pore and paw! Whilst he – well let’s be honest, Dad is hardly alluring is he?

I mean he doesn’t even have fur!

Dad’s not all that bad after the vets we all had some fish and chips on the promenade in Deal! So trading the occasional smell for fish, mmm well it’s kinda forgivable!

Anyway, l will catch you all again soon, thanks for stopping by and reading!

Tootle pip from Doodlepip!


That Fish Has My Name On It Guys!





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