Dogs, Logs & Two Smoking…[Episode 6]

009My two legged typist and l …

Dogs, Logs & Two Smoking Wheelbarrows!!

Ok, so a bit of fun if that is ok?

You see, Dad can write till the cows come home and it’s not that l am not grateful for his assistance with helping me ‘pen my thoughts down for you all’, but occasionally his ‘asbeeness’ [Mummy’s word for his kwerkyness] makes him verbose apparently, which means he is too wordy – “DAD!! Stop writing, we get it!!”

Today l would like this episode to be a little more fun and relaxed so l thought we might talk about films and books – oh yes l too like books as well, films are easier to follow admittedly for the obvious reasons. “What obvious reasons? You’re kidding right? Hello, l have paws not fingers …”

So l would like to know what are your bestest films, TV series or books on dogs, or cats if you wish, it’s up to you? Dad is a real film and book buff, so some of his traits have rubbed off on me, what can l say …. And stop that – yes l can see the TV screen and hear the noises – l am remarkably intelligent you know and so ARE your own pooches!!

Here’s my selection …

Books … These are my all-time favourites

1] Bimbo & Topsy – Enid Blyton
2] Smokey Joe the Fish Eater – John O’Grady
3] The Incredible Journey – Sheila Burnford
4] Buster’s Secret Diaries – Buster/Roy Hattersley
5] Doctor Doolittle – Hugh Lofting
6] Fluke – James Herbert

Films … can watch these over and over and over

1] Fluke – 1995
2] American Werewolf in London [Still a dog!!] – 1981
3] Beethoven – 1992
4] Turner & Hooch – 1989
5] K9 – 1989
6] Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey – 1993
7] Lady & The Tramp – 1955
8] Marley & Me – 2008
9] Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – 2009
10] Marmaduke – 2010
11] Red Dog – 2012

So these are mine, but what are yours? I could go on forever, but if l did, l would be no different to we know who!! Of course, there are the old favourites like the 101 Dalmatians which is a huge favourite of Mummy’s, who hasn’t heard of Lassie [although l liked Skippy more], the Fox and the Hound … anyway, ask your pooches and see what they think?

You should know it by now, but if you don’t.. ”Tootle pip from Doodlepip”


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