Well, l am a girl called Scrappy Doo, named by my Dad after Scooby Doo. You may recall, that Scooby had a sidekick cousin called Scrappy, well that’s me. However l am always called Doodlepip, hence the name of the series.

I am a really friendly dog, very approachable, um, ooh , oh yeah and l am very much into “Bark Power”, Power to the K9″ and Pawtism, l believe in equality for all dogs, and the right to manipulate and train our two legged parents … it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

I have a really awesome hip and chic Mummy, who is really cool, and an Asbee Dad who is really geeky, and they are my own two leggeds and l am their little four legged.

There ‘s so much more to me, which you will only get to know if you follow my Adventures, which l hope you do and enjoy, so for the time being it’s …

“Tootle Pip from Doodlepip!”

PS: The two legged beside me is my Dad, he is the typist in this set up and also runs ClassicEggshellMoments, and NO l have NOT got a dark pink bobble on my head, that’s my Dong in the background!!



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